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Monday, October 12, 2009

Prototype is up NOW

After a week on debugging the prototype of the webisite is up.

there are still some bugs on the website and I still working on it. There will be some major interface changes in the next two weeks. current version is just for prototype purpose.
Will meet Dr.Rafael today hopefully can get some more advice from him.

Some reference for the website. (ref to the screenshot on the top)

1、Default.htm is just a static interface page, in addition all the background work is handled by inde2.aspx and save.aspx.
2、bigsecond.aspx is used to display the history of all images pages.
3、second.aspx is used to display a picture of specific pages。
4、jquery libray is called from js/jquery-1[1].2.1.pack.js this file. The slide1.js in the root directory is use to call this jquery libary.
5、The ajax postback in the default.htm is used jquery framework $.Ajax () method to completed.*