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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Huge Interface Revision Coming Up Before Final Presentation.

affectiveflickr. 1.3 Version

Basically it involve a huge implementation improvement.
That's the social collaborative  filter.

Collaborative filtering
If user A input  "happy" in the website, then some picture came up.
e.g. Picure1  
User A select scores 9 for this picture then saved, he press next
Picture 2 came up
User A select scores 4 for this picture then saved.
User B came he input the exact same tag as User A which is  then Picture 1 will show up first because Scores 9 > Scores 4.
So generally, picture with higher score will shows firstly then picture with lower scores will shows lately.
Conditions: Tag must be the same.
So database should able to store the every tag

Interface Changes:
Add a small bar under the picture windows shows that more than one result of the picture, for example. If input  something then it will shows several result in once. Therefore user could see some other pictures as well.

Other Changes:
Numbers of small bug has been fixed.
more stable and reliable voting system.
new improved database methodology.
Faster porting time.