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Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Proposal

Problem Statement:
Determine the application of affective computing by using static image from Flickr.

Method of Attack:
Overall it will divide into two parts, theory and practical.
Theory: Before tackle the website, it is essential to understand affective computing. Book “Affective Computing” by R.Picards is required reading. Also the workshop arrange by Dr.Rafael is very important.
Practical: It is proposed to create a website which implementing “think-feeling axis” and SAM (Self-Assessment-Manikin). The entire website is web2.0 ideas, so it makes communications easier. The code of the website will base on AJAX, JavaScript, SQL and PHP. Development tool will use Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and other compatible platform.

This is shown in the attached table. A total of two semesters 20 week of time is estimated, which includes about 6 weeks of theory and 14 weeks of practicals. In the first 6 weeks basically is the readying and understanding the background concept. Then following 4 weeks will starting the website part generating the idea for the website. And the last 10 week will work fully on the website and the treatise.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Affective Computing"

First Meeting about the Thesis

Topic : Affective Flickr!

Date: 10/08/2009

Basically the meeting is not long but there are lots of things covered in this meeting. firstly Dr Rafael give a more detail description about "what is affective". As he told me there is a system called IAPS stand for (International Affective Picture System ) which is a system that "provides normative ratings of emotion for a set of color photographs that provide a set of normative emotional stimuli for experimental investigations of emotion and attention" .

These days I've been reading the "Affective Computing" by W.Picard. Dr. Rafael said this book is very helpful for me understanding the background of the topic.

Althought this book is a bit old, the theory still very useful in nowaday computing. So I will keep updating the blog about the contect in this book before the thesis purposal date.