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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Affective Computing"

First Meeting about the Thesis

Topic : Affective Flickr!

Date: 10/08/2009

Basically the meeting is not long but there are lots of things covered in this meeting. firstly Dr Rafael give a more detail description about "what is affective". As he told me there is a system called IAPS stand for (International Affective Picture System ) which is a system that "provides normative ratings of emotion for a set of color photographs that provide a set of normative emotional stimuli for experimental investigations of emotion and attention" .

These days I've been reading the "Affective Computing" by W.Picard. Dr. Rafael said this book is very helpful for me understanding the background of the topic.

Althought this book is a bit old, the theory still very useful in nowaday computing. So I will keep updating the blog about the contect in this book before the thesis purposal date.

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