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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Further Application About SAM

Understanding emotions is vital to understanding people. Every decision is a combination of rational and emotional factors. And emotion has been shown to be the driver of behavior and preference.

So Why are emotions important?

Well,emotions is a powerful influencers which effect behavior, relationships, evaluation & consideration, to name a few.

Adsam is a assessment model which specialised applied to advertisement, brand and any other form of design, adsam is a non-verbal measure, which eliminates verbal biases and makes its appropriate for cross-cultural use. The globally recognized system includes measurement, analysis, consultation, written reports and recommendations. As we know SAM ( Self-Assessment Manikin) can analysis three aspect of emotion. Pleasure, Arousal, and Dominance, so the user of Adsam can get the result from those aspect and decide which of their advertisment design is more "Emotional".

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