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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Website Database Done

After the debugging process, my database for the website finally finished.
Here I want to talk about the database and give a brief explaination to the database.

Above Image is a screen shot of my database, there are four seperate tab for this database: images, picNum, rating and scores.

Images Function : Record the URL address for a certain picture viewed by user.For instance so you will  see a address like this : and a id number.

Score :
ID-Will distribute a integer value to the access order
p_id-Is the integer values for a certain picture,which link to the Images, so we could track which picture has been voted.
type-Is a boolean values which only have 1 and 2 , "1" mean the emotion icon votes, "2" mean the axis panel vote.
score for "2"- This value comes from the emotion axis, which is a integer value arrange by the file point,
point is a flash object in the website ( I will give a detail discussion on future blog post). there are about 7000 points on the axis panel, as the following images shows.
score for "1" - This value is a average value, there are seven image icon on the website so. from 1 to 7,
if user A press the first one, user B  press the fifth one so the value for "1" is equal to (1+5)/2 = 3

Hopefully this post will give a better understanding to my database record process.

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